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Weigh-off is governed by both

Great Pumpkin Commonwealth and local rules

For those of you bringing entries for giant pumpkins,
squash, tomatoes and watermelons the GPC is requesting the
information found on the attached form. If you don't know the
information, there is an "Unsure" line to check off for each category.


Extra copies of the entry form will be available at the
registration table on Saturday morning.

One entry form required per fruit.

Remember, all entries MUST adhere to the guidelines established
by the GPC, and Pumpkins must arrive before 10 AM on a pallet.

Minimum entry requirement of 100 pounds for each giant pumpkin.

Good luck to all entries and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Notice to All Giant Pumpkin Growers

One of the main purposes of the Roland Pumpkin Fair is
to give the general public and the media an opportunity to
view these giant fruit and meet the growers. Unfortunately,
an increasing number of complaints have been received this
past few years from visitors who arrive in the afternoon to
find that many of the pumpkins are already gone.

The Roland Pumpkin Fair would like to encourage all growers
to keep their pumpkins at the fair as long as possible. With
this in mind, the Fair has decided that pumpkin loading after
the weigh-off will not begin until 1:30 P.M. The Fair sincerely
hopes this decision will benefit both growers and fair attendants.

Manitoba Giant Growers Association

An Invitation to Join

Information Pamphlet

Roland Pumpkin Fair - October 7, 2023